Principal Data Scientist

Work Type: Fixed Term Contract
This builds on the Senior Data Scientist capabilities, supporting the Data & Analytics (DnA) Head of COE in managing the ADA (Analytical Data Assets) strategy through partnering and leading a team of analysts and/or Data Scientists in ensuring the ADA agenda is clearly defined, optimised and effectively executed within a robust control framework, aligned to relevant policies and legislation.

6 Month contract with possible extension

  • Develops and maintains world-class analytically driven strategies to optimise performance, by leveraging statistical/modelling techniques to unlock value from enterprise data assets 
  • Designs quantitative advanced analytics models that answer business questions and/or discover opportunities for improvement, increased revenue or reduced costs.
  • Assists in defining, optimising, and implementing the ADA strategy, covering all approved use cases and advanced analytics projects.
  • As a credible and respected expert within ADA specific discipline, generate ideas and offer unique perspectives to optimise complex processes, systems and disciplines.
  • Remains current with developments in solution architecture for data science and advanced technology and methodologies.
  • Provides effective stakeholder management
  • Establishes effective and collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders and provides insights and technical and functional support.
  • Act as a representative in forums, weekly and/or monthly meetings and enterprise project initiatives, collaborating cross-functionally and managing stakeholders across the business.
  • Represents the organisation at industry forums and presents findings to management and the business.
  • Provides effective leadership to individuals and teams
  • Provides direction and sets quality standards in the creation of ADA.
  • Leads, manages and coaches individuals and team/s.
  • University degree in Business or Mathematics or Statistics or Operational Research or Economics or Engineering or Risk Management or equivalent industry training and experience.
  • Proven strategy development and implementation experience using ADA analytics.
  • 6-8 years analytical experience on a consumer portfolio dataset (retail, banking, telecoms etc.)
  • Experience in working in an outsourced environment and effectively implementing solutions using both internal and external resources.
  • Experience in SAS Advanced programming (or equivalent) for statistical analysis and manipulation of very large data sets.
  • Retail experience advantageous.
  • Deep Knowledge of the Retail Industry and its operating dynamics.
  • Knowledge and application of ADA techniques across the consumer life cycle.
  • Proven ability in analytics, business acumen and presenting / communicating recommendations across all organisation levels.
  • Ability to work with diverse teams to ensure effective implementation of projects.
  • Understanding of financial metrics in relation to ADA management and the associated forecasting thereof.
  • High proficiency in SAS (intermediate or advanced level) or equivalent structured language analytical software.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc.), ideally using macros.
  • Ability to cross check data integrity after an initial validation exercise.
  • Comprehensive understanding of portfolio fields and data relationships in order to improve the analytical recommendations.


Please note that the Indicators below* describe how competence could be expressed at the required level of proficiency. These are not actual job outcomes.

Business & Commercial Acumen
Independently Competent

Responsive to external influences (positive or negative) on the organisation.

Understands what is commercially achievable and makes sound business decisions.

Supports the development of business acumen of team through knowledge sharing and upskilling.

Maintains advanced knowledge of business operations and organisational metrics and trends.

Retail Industry Awareness
Independently Competent

Factors in retail models and levers in building an effective IT landscape.

Develops retail acumen of team through knowledge sharing and upskilling.

Maintains advanced knowledge of key industry metrics and trends.

Benchmarks the competition and other relevant comparison groups.

Technical Acumen 
Independently Competent

Makes sound technical decisions based on understanding of what is commercially achievable within technological constraints.

Evaluates the applicability of solutions with the ability to challenge and qualify its suitability for the business.

Leverages research on technology-related concepts, trends and best practices to provide guidance on IT roadmap.

Set technical policies and procedures to support IT stability and success aligned to evolving technologies and methodologies.

Analytical Thinking 
Independently Competent

Effectively applies substantial in-depth analysis in order to determine and meet requirements.

Quickly identifies key issues, stakeholders and viewpoints in a complex situation or problem.

Finds ways to condense large amounts of information into a useful form.

Anticipates the consequences of situations and proactively works to overcome potential obstacles.

Asks perceptive, probing questions to get to the heart of the matter.

Results Orientation 
Independently Competent

Plans and ensures implementation of activities/projects identified in business strategy.

Maintains a keen awareness of the interrelationships among various components of large-scale activities/projects.

Allocates time and resources as required when faced with multiple demands and competing priorities.

Considers the financial implications before finalising activity/project plans.

Actively monitors resource allocation and utilisation and makes adjustments as necessary.

Leading People
Independently Competent

Aware of their influence in creating an effective culture of leading people.

Supports and energises people, facilitating optimised performance, growth and development.

Ensures the progress of the team toward the accomplishment of performance expectations while managing deviations.

Defines roles and responsibilities and sets measurable and achievable performance expectations for the team.

Demonstrates effective people leadership skills when working across teams.

Independently Competent

Seeks and influences new relationships outside own unit and identifies new collaborative partnerships that better position programmes and services.

Shares information with colleagues and partners about industry trends and business opportunities.

Coaches others on how to develop proposals and work plans for effective partnership arrangements.

Establishes connections that help facilitate the accomplishment of broader organisational objectives.

Independently Competent

Actively listens, interprets and presents messages in different ways to enhance understanding.

Appropriately adapts the message, style, and tone of communication to accommodate a variety of audiences.

Reviews presentations to ensure effective use of tools and techniques and provides recommendations.

Prepares a wide variety of complex reports and documents using diverse sources.

Confidently addresses groups of people, adapting style as appropriate for different audiences.

Independently Competent

Anticipates change by keeping up to date on current research and trends affecting one’s own field

Reviews, evaluates and disseminates information regarding key methodologies, best practices and tools to support a future landscape

Continually searches for ways to adapt and improve through change

Consciously models appropriate adaptions and encourages it in others

Devises action plans for adapting to change

Systematically analyses and shares the learning/ knowledge gained from change

Redirects own or own team’s efforts in response to changed circumstances to ensure effective problem solving


* Foundational across all levels; others job specific.

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